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In this work, the crocodilian alter ego metamorphoses into the form of a gatekeeper kneeling on an iron podium in a frozen and distant universe in which a multitude of metallic elements bend and melt. The sculptures in the installation and the crocodile that crawls between them simultaneously undergo processes of alienation and anthropomorphism. The iron and the body swirl in kinetic and formal ways so that sometimes it is hard to tell which entity holds inside of it the beating heart and whether what animates it is a screw or a muscle.

In her various configurations throughout the work, the crocodile preserves her complex essence: she is at once disturbing and threatening yet submissive and trapped; strong and powerful yet weak and fragile; and for moments, she is controlled by an external force until it seems as if her entire being is subject to some vague and discomforting event.

This project was created during my participation at The Edmond de Rothschild Center for Art and Design’s incubator programme, curated by Ofra Harnam.

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