Tair Uria


Born in Jerusalem, Israel, 1994.

lives and works in Tel Aviv.
In her creative process, Tair works with video art, sculpture, and drawing. She sees the mediums as a window into direct intuitive activity which transcends thinking and language.
Her works are produced as a distorted mechanism, rich in imagination, desires, and fears, and often combine simple mechanics from day to day into a moment with its own logic.
The works echo existential experiences between the tragic and the comic, experiences that are broken and defective, monotonous, and yet full of joy.



2017-2021    BFA: Shenkar College, Multidisciplinary Art school, Ramat Gan

Grants & Awards

2021    America-Israel Cultural Foundation | Sharett Grants - Creative Excellence Grants program 

Group Exhibitions

2022    Belly Conspiracy. The Frigerator Galley. Curator: Yanai Toister.

2022    Pop-up museum Barbour. Tel Aviv, Israel. Curators: Pazit Keidar & Oshri Cohen Neder.

2021    Framing Movements, Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater, Tel-Aviv, Israel. As part of the "Loving Art. 

             Making Art." festival. Curators: Ben Livne Weitzman & Tamir Eting.  

2021    Who Comes After Us?, The Israeli Center For Digital Art, Holon, Israel. Curator: Udi Edelman.  

2021    Case by Case, Beit Kandinof, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

2021    BFA Graduates Show, Multisidciplinary Art School, Shenkar College, Ramat Gan. 

2021    Structura, Art Stays Festival, Ptuj Libary Exhibition Space, Slovenia.

2020    Love Letters To The City, Mazeh 9, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality’s Young Adults Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2019    QuickTimeShenkar College, Ramat Gan. Curator: Nira Pereg 

2019    Rav-Kav, Shenkar College, Ramat Gan. Curator: Maya Attoun