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Tair, Lilach, and Nicole first met in a sculpting class. Since graduating in 2021, they've been sharing a studio in Florentin in which they mold their ideas into reality as independent artists. The unique conversations orbiting around that shared space have led to the synergism of their material; their multi-layered work presented in the exhibition. Common to all presented is an unyielding resistance to matter, an aspiration to turn the material "against itself" and violate it, thus giving rise to novelty, disruptions, and physical mutations, which in turn allow the evolution of sculpture – as body and space.

Material such as iron, silicone, epoxy, tin and wood, whose incarnations in the shared studio are displayed in the exhibition, are realized as a swamp of rust submerged in a translucent stone, a labyrinth of iron arches, wrinkled silicone as coarse as skin, and bells whose kiss has robbed them of sound. These sculpted tributes reveal the fertility echoing from within the material, a longing for a new embodiment. Through ardent playfulness, these three artists have redefined sculpture as a perpetual process of anthropomorphism.

Tair Uria, Lilach Yaron, Nicole Rosenbaum

Curator: Yanai Toister

The Frigerator Gallery

Translation: Noam Heller

Photographer: Tal Nisim

הזמנה רשמית.jpg
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