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Autoimmune machines - RESEARCH IN PROGRESS

These days, while pursuing my MA in Artistic Research, I explore the term "autoimmune machine," which I invented inspired by the texts of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, where I encountered the idea of "desiring-machines". Through material and drawing experiments aimed at creating and producing through mutation and error, I'm trying to question what the autoimmune mechanism is. How can this phenomenon of internal and ongoing struggle, an immanent imbalance of excess and lack, exist as an artistic-productive structure, as a bodily-architectural structure, and as a human structure?

The drawing serves as a starting point, a map, or an engine for the process. The crocodile figure (from previous chapters) disassembles and replicates; through excess and fracture, it establishes a parliament of the body, where fragments vibrate with each other, interfere with each other, and continue each other. The body crawls forward as a whole entity in a state of constant becoming.

Three-organ chariot / Bye-Bye Chariot:

"A table which lent itself to no function, self-protective, denying itself to service and communication alike. There was something stunned about it, something petrified. Perhaps it suggested a stalled engine."​
               -Henri Michaux, The Major Ordeals of the Mind, and the Countles Minor Ones

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